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Sometimes we use “games” at our events – with the purpose of an icebreaker for small talks. But they only “work” with donated prizes. As a donor of a prize, you may personally hand this over to the winner and say a few words about you, your company and your prize. In addition, you will be thanked and listed as a prize donor in the event report, which is visible to the public.

What could your prize be?

Basically, anything which has to do with you, your company or service:

  • product from your company
  • taster days / trial days (for coaches and trainers)
  • book on a subject within your field of work – with dedication
  • a free service
  • invitation to lunch/dinner at your company
  • (premium) giveaway from your business

A great opportunity to draw attention to yourself.

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If you like our initiatives, you may consider to support us, so that we can develop the network and the events sustainably and make a real impact through our community.

It’s easy and secure to pay by PayPal, also by credit card. Both payment options are provided by PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to pay with credit card. Please choose your payment type here and follow the instructions given: Credit Card or Paypal.

If you want a link to your profile or website from this site, then use the donation form in the right sidebar (from 100 DK).

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