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Danmark Unlimited organises official XING networking events regularly, and other relevant seminars, workshops and activities in all 5 Danish regions. Additionally we will organise meetings in cities outside of Denmark, where a large number of members are based and willing to take part in offline activities.

You are free to attend meetings in any location, but not obliged to anything. In our experience, at least one third of the participants at any one event are first timers. We have an excellent track record for successful events by now – so, there’s nothing you can loose, you can only gain and win by attending.

If you don’t go,
you’ll never know!

The focus of our events is the network of our members, so at any event we create a friendly atmosphere where it’s easy to get in contact with the other participants. We often have a short professional presentation on current / relevant subjects. (Don’t choose by content, choose by context …)

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