Get the job through your network during the crisis

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Most jobs are not published as ads in newspapers and online, but get filled through networks or unsolicited applications.

“Three out of four get in through alternative sources. Primarily through a network or among the unsolicited applications”, says Gitte Schramm, consultant at to TV Avisen.

The crisis reinforces the trend:

To the many applicants this makes it a more laborious process to be recruited the old fashioned way through ads, written application and interviews.

“We recently had a situation where we figured out that among the candidates 160 were fully qualified for the position. Out of those we had to select 5 to 8 for an interview. That’s difficult and time consuming”, says Gitte Schramm.

That is why companies increasingly search their network or the pile of unsolicited applications when they need to recruite for an open position.