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First of all, please note that XING is a business and professional network and you profit best from such a network when you have a filled profile – which is of course at your choice to fill. I recommend you add a photo to your profile and start making a couple of contacts of your choise. Also, invite people you already know to become your XING contacts – the Address Book Comparison tool will support you in that. Having a direct XING network makes you appear like a “real” person. Remember, networking is about people.


Make use of the opportunity to introduce yourself in the “Café Dannebrog“. Also, tell us how we – your co-members – can support you in achieving your goals, what information would be helpful to you, what kind of people do you want to get in contact with. It is a good idea to mention your most important issue in your post title to appeal to and catch the attention of interested group members.

Remember that the main forum language is English. However, for Danish and German each one forum has been defined. We recommend you mark the language in the post title (e.g. [ DA ] for Danish, [ EN ] for English, [ DE ] for German), especially if your post language differ from the respective forum language. This adds to clarity for visiting members.


You may introduce your company in the group forum. Please post your current business offers. Maybe you would allow the group members special conditions? The right forum to inform about that is here.


Also, ask yourself how you can contribute, share your knowledge, ideas and contacts. Being a highly diverse group we are very resourceful. We are the members: Danes in Denmark, Newbies and expats in Denmark, Danes abroad, Denmark aficionados, business and professional people. WE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Do visit the group regularly, read interesting posts and comment on them, share your thoughts, and support other members with your knowledge and hints. By regularly sharing interesting information from your industry or your profession you can become known as an expert in the network.

By participating, supporting or sponsoring our regular events you have the chance to promote your business through reference in event invitations and newsletter to all group members and at the event itself.

If you want to be successful with XING and Danmark Unlimited, then don’t wait for contacts, but be active regularly. As a fellow moderator pointed out:

You have to work on your net. That is why it is called “Net-Working”, and not “Net-Waiting”.


If you have had good experiences (e.g. with a service provider, consultant, dentist, restaurant), please tell us – refer your business contacts. The right forum to do that is here. Vice versa, if you need an information, post your question in this forum.


You may search for other members. You can search members in a specific industry, company and geographical position. The member list is available from the group startpage on the “Members list” tab – or directly here. If you are a premium member, you may use the advanced search function, and simply filter by “Member in the group”. Note, there’s a limit of 300 result entries for each search.


In the “Code of Conduct” for this group you will find background information about group settings and definitions and succesful networking in the group – here is the direct link to it.


You can support our network by inviting your business partners, colleagues, employees, fellow students and friends. Pass the information about this group to your contacts in Denmark “and its surroundings”.

  • This is the link to the group.
  • This is where you can invite your contacts. When you invite your friends on XING, you just go to their profile, then click “Invite to join a group”, select “Danmark Unlimited – Danish network”, and press “Send”. Thank you for your help.


Members of the group will comfortably receive personal group event invitations in their message inbox. Please note, that with the increasing number of members, we cannot filter invitations by country/city (or any other criteria) manually. You can control your subscription to event invitations on the group start page. Of course you may register for individual events, even if you did not receive a personal invitation!

We reap what we sow. When we all sow a bit, we can all reap a lot!

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