Number of job adverts increasing

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Statistics Denmark’s latest figures show that unemployment has increased strongly (3.3%: labour market stats.) and will probably continue to do so the rest of the year.

But unemployment figures are old news, taking up to 6 months before changes in the economy are reflected in the unemployment rates, so the large increases in unemployment reflects the deep dive in the economy in October last year. And while unemployment sets new records, our statistics show a slight increase in the number of new job advertisements in May, says Kaare Danielsen from online job portal

So, despite the unemployment figures and experts’ reports, the economy is getting a little better. There still is a crisis, but the panic is about to lie down, and companies dare to recruite for some of the new job vacancies again. There is no reason to yield to despair! It’s possible to find a new job, unless you are looking for new jobs in the areas of construction, industry, transport, or if you live on the island of Als, it takes just 2-5 times longer than it did a year ago.

However, it makes sense to be flexible, especially if you work in construction, industry or transport. Here the job opportunities are poor both short and long term, so if you do not know someone who can get you a job, it’s a good idea to consider changing industry, for example to public service or service industries. The world is changing and we can no longer expect to work an entire working life within the same area, one has to be flexible and be prepared to learn new things.

But it is important to you find something you like, and that you can use some of the things you have learned in previous jobs.

Beware, that only around 60% of all job openings are advertised. Use available sources – also networks & networking, go out and meet people.

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Good luck with your job hunt!