Strategic Networking is a Prerequisite for Growth

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Danish companies have a huge potential in strategic networking, but as for relations to foreign markets we are far behind.

SpeedNetworking @ Danmark Unlimited

Networking @ Danmark Unlimited

Strategic networking is a vital source for growth. It’s an important part of corporate strategy and the most effective path to new potential markets, new knowledge, and new resources. However, this potential is rarely utilized to the max.

Every business leader’s network represents a huge potential, just waiting to be activated. Many managers participate in various networks and knowledge sharing groups. It is good to share experiences with peers, professional colleagues and other people with a similar background and focus.

However, strategic networking includes much more.

  • Strategic networking is a process which identifies the potential of the network in a wide range of dimensions, and where concepts such as quality, quantity, and range of networks are crucial factors.
  • Strategic networking is an important management discipline and a vital part of day-to-day business in the interaction between the company and its stakeholders.
  • Strategic networking is a systematic improvement of any leader’s social capital and potential in core relations.

The ability to understand and actively engage in many different contexts with resource persons is one of the greatest leadership challenges in future markets. This competence is naturally and intensely being trained by attending the Danmark Unlimited – Danish network networking events, where:

  • you meet highly qualified people from diverse professions and industries, and
  • both informal and facilitated networking let you interact with these resource persons and expand your horizon.