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Number of job adverts increasing

Statistics Denmark’s latest figures show that unemployment has increased strongly (3.3%: labour market stats.) and will probably continue to do so the rest of the year. But unemployment figures are old news, taking up to 6 months before changes in the economy are reflected in the unemployment rates, so the large increases in unemployment reflects(…)

Jobs in Denmark…

In our group forum job adverts are posted for free and seen by highly qualified, global-minded professionals and leaders. Post them or find your new job here:

Get the job through your network during the crisis

Most jobs are not published as ads in newspapers and online, but get filled through networks or unsolicited applications. “Three out of four get in through alternative sources. Primarily through a network or among the unsolicited applications”

Careers at XING

Currently XING AG has a number of job openings in engineering, market development, product management, etc. Founded in August 2003, XING AG’s global network manages tens of millions of member-to-member connections across 16 languages and all industries, with “real world” events held around the world. XING AG currently employs an international team of 200 people(…)

XING Event in Århus: Share your knowledge and succeed!

XING Event in Århus: Share your knowledge and succeed!

Last Tuesday we met for an interesting and inspiring evening in the company of nice and open-minded Danmark Unlimited members and their guests from varios industries and professions at the Castenskiold lounge. Among the interesting topics were cultural issues and communication in the workplace, business opportunites, job hunt, professional technical exchange and innovation, the importance(…)