Why is it wise of everyone to have a XING profile?

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When you get to know somebody at a conference, you get the person’s business card. As soon as you get to your office you archive the business card, and you may even file the data in your address management or CRM system. It may also be a person, whom you have build a good relationship with, e.g. a client.

Weeks or months pass by, and suddenly you think of the person again, and you want to contact the person. Meanwhile though, the other person has left the company and is not available, no one can tell you where he has gone.

Now you can delete the contact at once, because you are not able to get in touch with the person.

However, if you had invited the person to be a contact in your XING network, you would have access to the person’s current contact data anytime, because he or she would keep their own XING profile updated.

Of course, there are a lot of other obvious reasons to be present in the XING network. But you may encounter a situation sooner or later when your up-to-date XING network is of great value. This is also the number one most simple reason to tell your contacts when they ask why they should join XING.