XING Event in Århus: Share your knowledge and succeed!

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Last Tuesday we met for an interesting and inspiring evening in the company of nice and open-minded Danmark Unlimited members and their guests from varios industries and professions at the Castenskiold lounge.

Among the interesting topics were cultural issues and communication in the workplace, business opportunites, job hunt, professional technical exchange and innovation, the importance of interdisciplinary exchange and networking, expat networks.

After an appetizer at the cocktail tables and initial introductions and conversations, we could relish a light meal at the smaller dinner tables. In order to promote contacting and networking we had a round of “speed networking”, allowing participants in each case to couple up for 4 minutes, exchange information, and then repeatedly change conversational partners. In case of interest, the contact could be intensified after the session.

To everyone who was present at Castenskiold: THANK YOU for your participation in this event and for your contribution to its success!

Let’s brave any financial crisis, utilize the tools provided, get connected, and make things happen. Until we meet (again) in Danmark Unlimited under the motto “Start on a personal note, and soon you’ll be in business”, I wish you a nice time and happy networking!

Below you get a visual impression of the event and its contributors (click on a photo to view view a larger image, then press Escape when you want to leave the lightbox).